About us

Since the foundation in 2016, Gamshy’s purpose is to study alternative ways to play games.

That’s why design and playability have always been at the centre of the creation process. Today Gamshy is a real gaming lab, where design meets engineering to set the basis for a new revolution in igaming. In less than three years, the company has created several HTML5 omnichannel games, mixing 2D and 3D, traditional and revolutionary gameplay.

Our platform

To ensure the smoothest and most satisfying gaming experience, our platform has been built using state of the art techniques and cutting-edge technologies, allowing first of all a massive scalability and the highest availability.

At the core of Gamshy’s platform is Engy, our own home-made RGS. It can integrate any accounting system and has been designed for cross-platform communication as to facilitate the whole integration process and to offer our customers a performant, secure and seamless integration with very limited effort. Our customers can choose between a standard “wallet” integration or a “full seamless” integration.

Choosing a classic “wallet” integration has the benefit of a reduced network, improving performance. This option is recommended for highly regulated markets.

Opting for a “full seamless” integration, our customers get full control on gaming flow in real-time: at any given time the user balance is updated directly on our partner accounting system.

Game design

Supported by the latest and most powerful softwares available on the market, our graphic department works constantly to release products with astonishing visuals and audio effects. From the concept to the release, each game is designed accurately to offer products capable of entertaining users.